Barney Spender: a journalist with 25 years experience with a mix of thoughts, news and features.

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The plan for this blog is to offer a few thoughts on the sporting, cultural and daily life that I encounter in my role as a journalist.

I have enjoyed over a quarter of a century as a hack and currently work for the Paris-based television network Eurosport. Having lived and hacked in South Africa, Britain, Greece and now France, I have encountered some interesting people and enjoyed some  memorable experiences.

So some of the items on the blog will be quite personal, others will be more subjective. Yet others will be interview features with some of the remarkable people that I have met and continue to meet in the course of my work; all I hope will provoke either table-thumping outrage or the occasional chuckle.

As with all blogs I would love to hear your feedback even, and especially, when you think I am wrong. If you like the general tone of the blog then please sign up for the alert and, it goes without saying but I will say it anyhoo, feel free to share the articles with your friends, rabbits and relations.


If you are an editor and like what you see on this blog then please be aware that I am still a professional working journalist and available for commissions.


I am also available for teaching and training. I currently freelance teach (print media) at France’s top journalism college CFPJ (Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes) and have also run a Radio France International course in radio presenting at GIPA in Tblisi.

I can offer courses on various aspects of journalism for students as well as media training (ie How to face the press, How to write a press release etc) for corporate clients.


You can contact me via email at onemanandhisblog@yahoo.fr

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