Hello, Salut

Welcome to the blog of Barney Spender, journalist.

It has been created because I am in what Winston Churchill described as “the wilderness years”. In journalisms-speak that means I have no regular gig with a newspaper or magazine or website at the moment and need an avenue to publish my occasional offerings.

These will vary between sport and culture, politics, religion and the meaning of life. Maybe. I hope to be able to master the blog well enough to post some old interviews, both written and broadcast. They may prove interesting archive material in the years to come.

I will readily put my hand up and admit that this blog is in essence vanity publishing. However, I hope it will also provide some interesting and useful pieces for the poor passer-by who gets directed here by Google or Bing or Whoflippingever.

I haven’t mastered the thing yet but I imagine there will be room for you to log your comments. They are always welcome, although I would prefer it if people selling knock-off watches and viagra didn’t get involved in discussions unless they are about posts that relate directly to knock-off watches and viagra.

Also, a note to Mrs Gadaffi. It is very kind of you to offer me half of your late lamented husband’s fortune but I regret I will not be sending you my bank account details so please don’t ask again.

A bientot, Barney

©Barney Spender 2012