4 comments on “Umpire of the sun squints at 20-20 vision

  1. Ah, sunny days. I recall how I missed my chance to complete what would have been my only hat-trick because, having induced a snick, it went to the Ramblers slip fielder who had a pint in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Lovely piece Barnabas, although that photo is not of the library, but rather the Moyne Institute. Once saw the marvellous Blades play a gig on the steps there during Trinity Week, but that’s another story….

  2. Thanks Ger. Apols re the pic. I will correct. I have a feeling you may be thinking of Sean O’Grady, our opening bowler, who enjoyed nothing more than marking his run with a pint glass and then handing his cigarette to the umpire between deliveries. He must have put himself at slip; not sure I would have stuck him there.

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