4 comments on “Hence they will say that heroes fight like Greeks

  1. there is no shorthand here. alors c’est la guere, oxi you may not pass oxi i don’t surrender.
    any way you put it it’s still oxi.

  2. gongrats. thankyou for taking the time to search and acknoledge the efforts of the greeks in ww II.
    it is never mentioned in so many ww II documentaries. o yes , the guns of navarone. remeber the movie?

  3. Thanks for your comments George. As I sy in the article, we learnt nothing about the war in Greece at our school in UK. To my shame I was in my 40s when I went to live in Athens and discovered the extent of what went on. It is still shamefully ignored.

    As for the Guns of Navarone, I loved the movie as a kid but not convinced it quite fits in the documentary world!

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