4 comments on “Courage under Fire

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  2. Hi Barney,

    An excellent article, the 1976 series was the first series I fully recall and I remember still being transfixed by Greig battling his way to 116 at Headingly, with Alan Knott getting the same score. Greig prepared for the knock by getting his brother Ian to bowl bouncers at him from half a pitch length in the nets.

    In the second innings I also vividly recall Alan Ward getting a standing ovation after being out for 0, purely for having hung around with Tony for 45 minutes.

    A great loss; I bumped into him in the Aussie team hotel in Adelaide a year ago at the bar and he was very friendly over a beer, even when I asked if I could bring up the ’76 series with him,

    Kind regards,

    Steve McCracken

  3. Thanks Steve.

    I had forgotten Ian Greig’s “bouncers”. Nice detail. Ian, of course, played a handful of Tests in 1978 and enjoyed a long first-class career but never had the stardust of Tony. And Allan Ward….quick but with a dodgy compass if I remember rightly. When he hit the strip he could be devastating. The W Indies batsmen chewed him up.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Tony had a beer or two with you or that he was happy to chat about 76. He always seemed to be a ‘look life straight in the eye’ kind of man.

    All the best


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