4 comments on “The Short (and Curly) Tale of the Submariner Pig

  1. I have just discovered an old photo of HMS Sirdar amongst my great grand father’s photos. It was taken in Douglas harbour in 1949. Let me know if you are interested in seeing it.
    Best wishes

    • Hello Paul. Thanks for getting in touch. It would be great if you could share the photo with us. Are you able to attach it to the comments? Is there a story attached to the photo?

      • Hi Barney Yes I would be happy to attach photo but  I’m not sure how to do it. The original  image is an old glass black and white slide. I have taken a photo of this on my mobile phone  so not sure if quality great ! You could try using this on your blog if you like.  I don’t have any story with photo really.  My great grandfather was a keen amateur photographer from Manchester. He died in 1975 and left my family a large box of his glass slides.  He who went on holiday to the Isle of Man in summer of 1949 ( date is written on the original slide) Also on slide is is that its was taken in Douglas Harbour.  The photo seems to show HMS Sirdar arriving or leaving.  I have attached photo I took on my mobile phone. The original slide measures 6 cm by 6cm a taken on a large format camera so there would be a lot of detail and sharpness if a print was made. Best wishes Paul

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