5 comments on “The Mad Leap of the Ski-Jumpers

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  3. Barney,

    A very enjoyable and enlightening piece. Well done to you and Edward Arthur.

    It would be interesting to consider how a winter sport might develop in the X box era. Would the young still want to get out and practise in mid-winter or would their competitive skills focus on the need to get to level 27 of Call of Gangster Turbo Race.

    I will be interested to read your next blog on the development of the sliding competitions to celebrate Amy William’s forthcoming gold medal.


  4. Take a look at the kids who are coming into the sport and I have no doubt whatsoever that these winter sports will thrive for as long as there is snow on the ground.

    As Arthur Spender says, the sensation is ski-jumpers is akin to flying. You cannot replicate the thrill and the danger of that with an X-box game.

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