6 comments on “Obituary: Ray Wolf 1914-2014

  1. Hi Barney

    Interesting read on Ray WolfŠ. If I wanted to start bloggingŠ do you suggest WordPressŠ

    Check out this link.. http://magazine.africageographic.com/weekly/issue-1/where-the-giants-still-r oam/

    Would this fit into the description of a blogŠ.?

    ** had an interesting week in LondonŠ had a book handover at Stoke ParkŠ Ronan Keating and Brian McFadden were there and Ronan bought my bookŠgreat PRŠ I know you are, as I am, a Neil Young fanŠ.so, I hope you don¹t secretly listen to Westlife when the family is asleepŠ.not my cup of tea, but it was a great eveningŠ

    Then, the highlight of my week was driving up to KidderminsterŠ Stan Webb of Chicken ShackŠ a legendary old British blues rocker, shook the Kidderminster Town Hall with some high-energy guitar licks and riffsŠ. Just loved itŠ. Even saw a ‘Jerry Springer incident’ outside the pubs afterwards with young louts being arrested and thrown into police vansŠ and then there were large Brummie Slappers walking around as wellŠ. Not a pretty sightŠ!!

    Much appreciated


    From: barneyspender Reply-To: barneyspender Date: Tuesday 08 July 2014 at 1:44 PM To: Grant Leversha Subject: [New post] Obituary: Ray Wolf 1914-2014

    WordPress.com barneyspender posted: “Ray Wolf, the last of the grandchildren of Edward Spender, founder of the Western Morning News, has died at the age of 99. A singer in Berlin during Hitler¹s rise to power in the 1930s, she later worked for naval intelligence during World War Two. Rach”

    • Glad you caught the flavour of Britain, Grant.

      I have fournd WordPress to be spot on for my purposes. I am not terribly adventurous with the web so I haven’t gone shopping around to find different hosts and haven’t tinkered with the template either.

      WordPress is free at its basic level so why not start up and see how it goes. If it doesn’t suit what you are doing then you won’t lose out.

      I suggest if if is to be a photograph based blog then look for similar. Have a tour around wordpress and see what appeals to you.

      Your link works nicely for photos. Is that the template you are thinking of using?

      Cheers for now, Barney

  2. Absolutely wonderful obituary. I knew some but not all of what you said. I too remember finding her under the dining room table. I feel very grateful to have known her.

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