5 comments on “Dalkey Tale: My Mother and Michael Collins

  1. Dear Barney

    Very sorry to hear about your mum. I don’t think I ever met her but she must have been a remarkable woman. My condolences.

    Loved the story – well told indeed. (but, pedant alert, I think it’s “beyond the Pale”)

    all the best

    • Thanks Henry. she was indeed quite a character.

      Also thanks for your eagle-eyed subbing. It comes as no surprise that you aren’t acquainted with the alt-Somerset play on words, beyond the pail meaning just a few yards past the bucket …

      But as you represent Everyman in this context, I have amended the copy to conform to the dull standard Oxford fake-spelling.

      Keep well. bs

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss, Barney. I am lucky to have met your mother (briefly and in dreadful circumstances notwithstanding) and I love this account of her birth. What bravery!
    Leita x

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