5 comments on “Cricket prepares for the French revolution

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  2. A good article. Very pleased to see Eurosport showing the tournament in France.

    I should point out that PUC lined up in lilac in the french championship this year. Lilac is almost pink surely?

    One sentence I’ll take issue with:
    “Moodley is also trying to alter the balance of the French national team so that it is made up of Frenchmen and not by ex-pats.”

    This suggests that the current French side is made up mainly or even exclusively of expats. This is not the case: in the recent T20 qualifiers in La Manga 2/3ds of the side were French, and more than half of them have played junior cricket for France. Things have moved on a fair bit since 1989.

  3. Ha ha. Thanks Michael – my pastel shades comment was more about the W Cup, although I was watching India on Sunday and wonder if their sky blue counts. Ah well, I was never much good on fashion.

    As for the French team being French rather than ex-pat, that is fair comment. I phrased it wrong. Apologies.

    Perhaps what I had in mind (I can barely remember what I was thinking ten minutes ago, let alone last week) was that the Association is trying to lose the ex-pat tag that hangs around cricket in France.

    My French colleagues all shrug their shoulders and go “bof” at the thought of the French actually playing cricket. They all assume it is Brits, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Aussies and so on. So it is more the perception that is being changed – hopefully the introduction of Kwik Cricket into the schools marks a big step on this path.

    • Absolutely. A not unusual reaction I get when I first talk to my french friends about cricket is that it is a rather quaint very British game. As the article rightly says this is an attitude a few of us, Mark included, are trying to challenge (the British part – the quaint part can be a selling point).

      I do find that more people know what cricket is than say 5 or 10 years ago (“that game where you hit a boule between hoops? there’s a french national side in that?”). I’d like to think we’re getting there.

      • We had some quaint remarks from the locals at our Open Day earlier in the year. Firstly the locals wanted to know why we were all wearing the same colours. Then ” It looks very dangerous, are the men in white coats the medics?”
        Don Smith
        Central Brittany C.C.

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