5 comments on “Goodbye, Mr Chaps

    • Thanks Patrick. I hadn’t realised he was such a bigshot in KZN. All that time in Durban and I never knew! Hope things are good at your end. Thrilled to see the nephew called up for England. As a Somerset boy, I have been chuffed to see him doing so well. Will catch up soon I hope. Cheers Barney

  1. Well done Barney- a tremendous tribute to my old friend. What a marvellous collection of stories and memories from different angles. The bed offer on OP dinner night still stands: you might have to share with Merrick Rayner….though he’s more likely to book into the College…watch this space! I’ll be in touch when we’re back, the week before the dinner.
    All good wishes, Ian

  2. I was at school with Dick Norris and we were great friends .We played hockey and cricket together throughout our school years.We put on 180 in a house match and his contribution was 120! He excelled at any sport he played with ease and charm.Last time I saw him was I in 1957 at King’s Park Durban where he was strutting his stuff on the hockey field against SA.He scored a wonderful reverse stick goal which was in the A B de Villiers mould.I would like to get in touch with his wife and would be grateful if one of you guys could give me her contact details

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