4 comments on “On the Low Highway with Steve Earle

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  2. What a great write-up! Can-NOT imagine what it’s like to see Steve Earle in PARIS!! Oh, my! So glad to hear that Steve has such ardent fans all over the world, too. Only one small change that I would suggest you make? The pic of Steve standing in the street is actually the street he lives on in Greenwich Village — and he’s standing in exactly the same spot as Bob Dillon from the cover of “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” — which may jog your memory. He says he just loves being asked by the tourists to take their smartphones and take a photo of themselves standing in the same place! Anyway, just a little FYI. Again, thanks for the great review! En-vi-OUS! From Iowa, Kris M.

    • What a hoot! At this late hour, and in my early-onset-Alzheimer’s state, lookit how I spelled ‘Dylan’!! HA!! Don’t shoot me, it’s just brain-fog! — Kris M. in Iowa

  3. Hi Kris, Glad you enjoyed the piece. it was a great night indeed at Le Trianon.

    Thanks so much for pointing out my picture error. I think I may have had the brain-fog when I posted. I will change straightaway.

    Many thanks


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