4 comments on “Teenage Kicks at La Maroquinerie

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  2. Cracking! I’m very envious, although I still think that the line about Motorhead (“‘Motorhead’ consists of Lemmy and 3 or 4 other guys who aren’t Lemmy”) could have been said substituting Undertones and Feargal Sharkey. Then again, a few years ago I saw The Jam without Paul Weller, so go figure. Speaking of which, I think you mean “Family Entertainment”….

    • Sheesh. Too much Jam in my life too. Thanks for the correction which I have now made.

      Always a difficult one, going to see a band without the original line-up. As I try to point out, it isn’t the same. It just isn’t. FS had a very distinctive voice that worked brilliantly with The Undertones. Paul does a bloody good job but he ain’t FS. But FS hasn’t played with them for 30 years (not sure he has spoken to them for 30 years either) so there simply isn’t a choice. You want to hear them live go hear them live.

  3. Maybe the other difference H is the FS never actually write any of the material. He was the voice of the band but not its soul. John O’Neill was the main songwriter and he is still very much a part of the band.

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