4 comments on “A Tragical Incident mit ze glorious Josef Stalin

  1. Barney,

    another interesting piece and glad to know that you are following in the footsteps of the infamous. The chair looks a good fit!

    Stalin was probably the worst of a bad bunch, although I think he may have been eclipsed by Mao.
    I would rank Cromwell and Napoleon on the same level, the only difference being that Cromwell was an idealist and Napoleon an opportunist; both lost the plot.

    I have only met John Major once and found him to be a thoroughly decent man. I even felt some sympathy for him as he tried to control the “bastards” within his party, so I think you were right to stay your hand with the bread roll…..but maybe after half an hour in the chair…


  2. When you sat down, was a faint odour of Stalin-fart released into the room? Now that would be worth the entrance fee!

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