2 comments on “Tsagarakis has Designs on the Parthenon Marbles

  1. Barney, a very nice piece and interesting to see where this latest event will go. I fear it will do nothing other than put money in the deep pockets of lawyers, for many years to come.

    I don’t know enough about the arrangements made by Elgin and look forward to seeing Helen’s documentary.

    The one element I draw the line at is the depiction of the British as immoral, although i accept that individual immorality certainly existed. Britain was exemplary in its support for Greek independence from its “amicable protection” of the Ionian islands (1809) to prevent them falling under the Ottoman influence, to the destruction of the Ottoman Navy at Navarino in 1826 that saved the fledgling Greek Republic from collapse.

    These facts may have no bearing on any legal debate, but they are worth remembering as part of the context of the time, to remind Greeks of the British contribution to their nationhood so that the actions of an individual collector are put in perpective.

    • With respect, neither Spyridon, the artist, nor I the journalist have depicted the British as a nation as immoral. Lord Elgin as an individual is another matter as is the British Museum which remains wilfully blind to the illegality of their possession of the Marbles.

      The British are renowned for fair play so I suspect if a poll were to be made vis a vis the return of the marbles, a majority would be in favour of sending them back to Athens.

      As mentioned in the post Lord Byron was one of those Britons who fought (and died) in the cause of Greek independence. Many Britons were motivated by philhellenism although the political classes were more interested in breaking up the Ottoman Empire and claiming a zone of influence in the Mediterranean.

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